Welcome to ScaleViz VIP!

Welcome to ScaleViz VIP!
13th Apr 2015 Shane

Hello and welcome to my blog, ScaleViz VIP, Please feel free to have a browse around, you will find helpful hints & tips on music theory, FREE blank music papers for all your inspirational needs, and all things ScaleViz – A Visual Guitar Fretboard Shape Trainer & Theory App for Guitarists – Available on the App Store.

New – Registry of Guitar Tutors Scales, Modes, Chords & Arpeggios for Teachers Diploma

Fancy seeing what’s involved in the practical section (Part 1) of the Registry of Guitar Tutors Teachers Diploma, then you can jump straight to the Scales, Arpeggios & Chords Index, or check out the section you are interested in, of course if you already own and have studied ScaleViz, you will already know most if not all of these patterns and how to work them out…

One & Three Octave Scales | Three Octave Chromatic & Whole-Tone Scales | Two Octave Modal Scales | Harmonized Scales | Two Octave Arpeggios | Extended Arpeggios | Minor & 7th Altered Arpeggios | Major & Minor Chords | Major Minor & Dominant 7th Chords | Chord Inversions | Altered Dominant Chords | Altered & Extended Chords

Radio Dacorum Live Recordings

My first two hour show, on Radio Dacorum was a blast, they let me loose with a live interview. The 1st hour was Rock, Blues & Soul, and the 2nd hour includes an interview with Kerry from the Alzheimer’s Society on a project called “Singing for the Brain”, and more sweet music. From then on I interviewed some awesome bands from in and around Hertfordshire, including, Detone & DodoBones, for more info on the App I created for Radio Dacorum and an index of shows that I hosted check out this page, as soon as more of my my Radio Broadcasts are uploaded they will be added here, so remember to check back if you love rock, blues & soul!

Interview with John Frusciante on Music & Mental Health

Music and Mental Health

Just Jamming – Mistakes & All

Chilling with my Acoustic

Babe I’m Gonna Leave you video Lesson with simplified tab

Video LessonPlay Through & Simplified Tab

Modal Patterns in C

Modal Patterns v’s ScaleViz, you decide!

The Story Behind ScaleViz

ScaleViz is Born, sweet!

Blues Jam in the Style of Key to the Highway

Key to stumps

Classical Guitar Video Lesson:

Etude in E Minor

Harmonized C Major Scale Modal Practice:

A cool way to practice the modes along with the metronome in the ScaleViz Shape Trainer.

ScaleViz App Store Reviews:

Click here for ScaleViz App Store reviews.

Visualization Techniques, how your mind can help improve your playing:

Learning Visualization Techniques.

Working out Key Signatures (Major Scales).

Have you ever wanted to know how to work out key signatures (Major Scales), well just for you guys, here’s the method that I use, you only need to know three things, how many sharps or flats are in a particular key signature, which notes are affected and the standard alphabet from A-G, no heavy theory involved, just pure logic, this method requires you to memorize some simple sequences, just like you would any telephone number and you will be able to work out any key signature, in your head.

Part 1 Introduction | Part 2 – What you need to Know | Part 3 – Examples and Ideas

Buy ScaleViz To help you Master the Modes, Nail the CAGED system, learn all Major, Minor and Dominant, Chords, Arpeggios, Pentatonics and Modal Shapes in all positions, go from From Cowboy Chords to Soloing and become a Fretboard Master with ScaleViz today!

Developer of ScaleViz - Visual Guitar Shape Trainer which is now available for all iOS devices and Apple TV, simply search your Apple TV for ScaleViz! Alternatively you can grab the Universal iOS version straight from the Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/scaleviz-universal-visual/id1121441109?ls=1&mt=8 When I'm not developing or expanding my knowledge in graphic design or programming... I enjoy playing the guitar, watching horror films, astronomy, snorkeling, the study of hypnosis & NLP and I really enjoy Vaping and all thats involved, including making coils and e-liquid.