ScaleViz App Store Reviews

ScaleViz App Store Reviews
10th Dec 2011 Shane

ScaleViz App Store reviews

Here are the App Store reviews for ScaleViz, I put them here so you can read the reviews for all versions from all countries in one place, thanks very much to everybody that has taken the time to review ScaleViz.

Just what I was looking for!!!… starsx5

by Jimborata – Version 1.3.1 – Oct 3, 2013

This is the best app To learn the caged system to really apply it on the guitar. Thanks!!!

Your app is FANTASTIC!!!

by Mark Ellis – Jun 02, 2013 via FaceBook

Thank you so much for creating and sharing it.


by Prawniecracker – Version 1.3.1 – May 20, 2013

Really amazing app for learning guitar, helped me loads. Highly recommend.

Hey now! Really like this app.

Steve Comeau – Mar 31, 2013 via FaceBook

I’m a guitar teacher that might want’s to turn his students on to this.

Exactly what I was looking for starsx5

by RusG – Version 1.3.1 – Jun 17, 2012

complimentary to Guitarist’s Guide to Scales Over Chords, builds on theory. Looks like this will really solidify this knowledge. Well made app!

Scale viz starsx5

by Emp452 – Version 1.3.1 – Jun 16, 2012

Probably the best app that I have,you can really learn from this and it is a fine reference.thanks


by dadateyont – Version 1.3.1 – Feb 27, 2012

Universal for iPad would be even better 😉


by JohanDP… – Version 1.3 – Dec 16, 2011

Best app i’ve got for guitar essential theoretics. A print all button is the only option missing 😉

A great way to jump from playing cowboy chords to soloing starsx4

by Karmicfreak – Version 1.3 – Dec 4, 2011

The theory shown in this app makes it easy to find your way around the fretboard with the information you already know if you know your basic chords. By shifting those chord forms to different positions on the neck, you can find the scales they belong to in a much less abstract way. Recommended for any guitarist looking to start jumping beyond the first three frets.

Great music theory guitar app starsx5

by mrbatch – Version 1.3 – Nov 19, 2011

Right, First off this is not an app to just see chord shapes etc to copy but instead an app that builds on music theory to help you understand how to put together the basic building blocks together to make chords, arpeggio’s, pentatonic and modes across the major, minor and dominant family’s. It’s interface is vintage looking compared to some off the more modern flashy apps but it is FAR stronger than the others I have looked at for completeness. It has a very good theory section to explain the basics of Caged, Cycle of 5’s, Modes, Key Signatures and a simple all on 1 page help screen. The main bulk of the app then works with fretboard examples for the CAGED system for major, minor (EDCAG) and dominant (GEDCA) chords to allow you to workout chords etc at any place on the neck. The app makes excellent use of swiping when “in chord” to show octaves building to arpeggios to pentatonics and modes whilst allowing naming of notes, intervals, scale degrees and recommended finger positioning. Final brilliant addition in 1.3 is chordviz where if you tap the chordviz words it loads chordviz that shows the root & octaves across your chosen key up the neck so you can practise your learnt root octaves and associated arpeggios, pentatonics or modes. All round this app is really really helpful if you want to learn the building blocks of guitar chord and mode creation although it can get you started straight away if you want. Shane – I’d give it 6 stars if you can make it fully left hand player compatible :)))

Brilliant!! starsx5

by Tml71 – Version 1.1 – Sept 30th, 2011

This is a great app to help you understand theory. I’ve read many books and this app clearly explains how to apply it to guitar. Lots of information! Great job!!

Buy ScaleViz To help you Master the Modes, Nail the CAGED system, learn all Major, Minor and Dominant, Chords, Arpeggios, Pentatonics and Modal Shapes in all positions, go from From Cowboy Chords to Soloing and become a Fretboard Master with ScaleViz today!

Developer of ScaleViz - Visual Guitar Shape Trainer which is now available for all iOS devices and Apple TV, simply search your Apple TV for ScaleViz! Alternatively you can grab the Universal iOS version straight from the Apple App Store: When I'm not developing or expanding my knowledge in graphic design or programming... I enjoy playing the guitar, watching horror films, astronomy, snorkeling, the study of hypnosis & NLP and I really enjoy Vaping and all thats involved, including making coils and e-liquid.


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