Radio Interview with Detone Hertfordshire

Radio Interview with Detone Hertfordshire
18th May 2015 Shane


Live Interview & Acoustic Set from Ryan, Vocals, Lyrics – Guitar, Glen – Bass & Dave – Drums – Detone Hertfordshire

I really enjoyed the interview I did with Detone, they are a great bunch of guys and it’s great how they talk about what they listen to, who their influences were and of course their live set is awesome, even though we had a slight technical hitch to start.

Detone wrote 5 songs in 5 weeks, have played the Horn in St. Albans, on the same set as DBBand, and this interview was recorded when the band had been together for only 8 months.

There was no rehersal before for the studio take, considering the guys usually play a pretty heavy electric set, and went straight into an acoustic set, personally I think that’s pretty awesome. Now that’s what you call musicians.

Ryan talks about musical infuences from his early years to date, and how he went from Jeff Buckley, to heavy stuff like Metallica & then went on to acoustic stuff like Damien Rice. Ryan started his musical life on the drums, dabbled with the piano then went onto the guitar.

Glen’s Grandad’s cousin Peter Murphy was the singer in Bauhaus, and Glen talks about how growing up with a family member being in a band was a massive influence on musical choices, Glens early influences were Bowie, the Smiths & Hendrix, as he played guitar before he picked up the bass and has fully embraced it as he says; you need ryhthm as well as skill on the fretboard.

Glen still picks up his guitar every now and again, and likes to play very fast blues.

Glen also told me that his main influence was his Dad. Who’s advice I whole heartedly agree with, Glen’s Dad told him to be open minded about music choice, listen to it and don’t judge on what other people might think, any genre, any era, just pick out what you like from the music.

What great advice, don’t tie yourself down to one area of music, listen to everything and then make an informed decision, Geln’s mum liked Nirvana and Perl Jam, which is way cool. Advice from Glen is to embrace anything, pick out what you like and discard what you don’t. More great advice.

Dave’s influences were the Manics, Chilis and The Killers, he had a drum kit from an early age and started with just a snare then went onto a basic kit and upgraded as he got more into playing, he had no interest in reading music and had his heart set on playing drums.

They also talk about their E.P. which you can hear here.

They also talk about where their band name came from, which is quite a funny story, and say a massive thanks to:

Luke Hinton (Who runs gigs and lots more in & around Herts) and The Horn – St. Albans

Thanks very much to Detone for coming into the studio, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the guys and I’m sure you will appreciate listening to some excellent music.

So that’s enough from me, have a listen for your self, here’s the play list. Enjoy!

Set List / Play List, tracks are as follows;
Pay for it All – Detone (Live Studio Acoustic Version)
Kashmir – Led Zeppelin
Go Again – Detone (Live Studio Acoustic Version)
Hush – Deep Purple
Grace – Jeff Buckley
Ziggy Stardust – Bauhaus
Jetstream – Detone
Fools Gold – The Stone Roses
Chasing You – Detone (Live Studio Acoustic Version)
Used to It – Detone
Rambling Man – Alman Brothers
No Leaf Clover – Metallica
Times Like These – Foo fighters
Whisky in the Jar – Thin Lizzy
Lullaby – The Cure
Mr Brightside – The Killers

Set List / Play List /Interview

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