Movable Modal shapes in C v’s ScaleViz

Movable Modal shapes in C v’s ScaleViz
19th Apr 2012 Shane

OK, here we have the Modal shapes, all plotted out with a Root of C, all shapes are moveable and all shapes can easily be transposed into any Key using the patterns Octave Shape, which are represented by hollow circle’s, and notice I mentioned that, all these shapes have a Root of C.

None of them are in the key of C Major apart form the first, which is C Ionian (Diatonic C Major Scale).

The Parent Keys Major Scale for each Mode in C, are as follows:

C Ionian = C Major
C Dorian = Bb Major starting from the 2nd Degree
C Phrygian = Ab Major starting from the 3rd Degree
C Lydian = G Major starting from the 4th Degree
C Mixolydian = F Major starting from the 5th Degree
C Aeolian = Eb Major starting from the 6th Degree
C Locrian = Db Major starting from the 7th Degree

The step pattern for each Mode is written out using T, which stands for Tone and is equal to two frets on the guitar fretboard, and S, which stands for Semi-Tone and is equal to 1 fret on the guitar fretboard.

The formula for each scale is also written out and is in direct reference to the Root Major Scale, for example;

The formula for C Ionian (Diatonic Major Scale) is: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7, now if we compare the Lydian Mode to the Major Scale we can see that; it is exactly the same except, the Lydian Mode has a sharpened 4th, hence the formula for Lydian is 1 2 3 #4 5 6 7.

Sweet, here’s the charts.



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