ScaleViz Apple TV Guitar Fretboard Shape Trainer

ScaleViz Apple TV Guitar Fretboard Shape Trainer
19th Apr 2016 Shane

ScaleViz Apple TV Visual Guitar Fretboard Shape Trainer

ScaleViz Apple TV is now available on the Apple TV App Store. Both the original iPhone version & the tvOS version are under the same listing. So anyone that already has ScaleViz for iPhone will get the Apple TV version for FREE. The Universal version will be available in June 2016.

ScaleViz Apple TV

ScaleViz Apple TV App Description

ScaleViz Apple TV shows visually how…

All Major, Minor & Dominant 7th, Chords, Arpeggios, Pentatonic’s & Scale Modes are built, how they all relate to each other, how they all create a unique map of your guitar fretboard and much, much more…

ScaleViz TV on Apple TV

The ScaleViz Apple TV Navigation system, has been re-developed from the ground up and enables you to easily browse the Apps menu’s and Shape Trainer with ease.

Simply swipe your remote touch pad left or right from the Welcome Screen to select Major, Minor or Dominant, then press your remotes touch pad to make your selection and you will find yourself in the Main Menu section of the App.

You can also press your remotes Play/Pause button from the Welcome Screen which will take you to the App’s Info Menu where you will find information on navigation and more…

From one of the three Main Menu’s, either Major, Minor or Dominant. You can swipe up, down, left or right to choose a pattern. A paper clip will highlight the shape you have selected.

The notes on the right will reflect your choice and show you the base Chord Shape, the patterns Base Octave, the Traditional Name for your selected pattern, the Intervals that make up the quality of your selected Octave, Chord, Arpeggio, Pentatonic or Scale Mode along with the Degrees and where applicable you will also see the step pattern.

Of course, this is for information only, as there is absolutely no prior knowledge of Music Theory or Fretboard Theory required to use or, understand ScaleViz. Because the fun really starts when you press your remotes touch pad to make your selection. Where you will be transported to the Shape Trainer.

The Shape Trainer is where the magic happens. Right before your eyes you will start to see how Chords, Arpeggios, Pentatonic’s and Scale Modes all join together to make one big map of your fretboard. Simply swipe left or right to browse your in position.

Going through the Octave, Chord, Arpeggio, Pentatonic or Scale Mode. Or Press your remote’s touch pad to browse your selected shape along the virtual fretboard. You can also press your remotes Play/Pause button to hear the shape you are looking at to connect the shape to your ears as well as your eyes.

Pressing menu twice on your remote’s touch pad from the Shape Trainer will take you back to the Welcome Screen, allowing you to select a different category. You will find the selected pattern from your last selection highlighted by the paper clip. Also showing you how Major, Minor and Dominant are related to each other.

So, enjoy browsing your virtual guitar fretboard from the comfort of your sofa and see visually how Octaves, Chords, Arpeggios, Pentatonic’s and Scale Modes are built, and how they all fit neatly inside each other.

ScaleViz was developed from years of studying fretboard theory.

Recommended for any level of guitarist from late beginner to advanced.

Wait for it…the universal version is almost ready for launch too, and I expect to be releasing it this June, more details to follow.. Enjoy & thanks for supporting ScaleViz.

ScaleViz Apple TV Screen Shots.

ScaleViz Apple TV Welcome Screen Shot

ScaleViz Apple TV Navigation Screen Shot

ScaleViz Apple TV Major Menu Screen Shot

ScaleViz Apple TV Shape Trainer Screen Shot

ScaleViz Apple TV Info Menu Screen Shot

Download ScaleViz on the App Store BadgeAny questions, suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact me, my mail box is checked frequently.

Thanks for supporting ScaleViz


Buy ScaleViz To help you Master the Modes, Nail the CAGED system, learn all Major, Minor and Dominant, Chords, Arpeggios, Pentatonics and Modal Shapes in all positions, go from From Cowboy Chords to Soloing and become a Fretboard Master with ScaleViz today!

Developer of ScaleViz - Visual Guitar Shape Trainer which is now available for all iOS devices and Apple TV, simply search your Apple TV for ScaleViz! Alternatively you can grab the Universal iOS version straight from the Apple App Store: When I'm not developing or expanding my knowledge in graphic design or programming... I enjoy playing the guitar, watching horror films, astronomy, snorkeling, the study of hypnosis & NLP and I really enjoy Vaping and all thats involved, including making coils and e-liquid.


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