How to Choose an Acoustic Guitar – my personal choice Crafter which is yours?

How to Choose an Acoustic Guitar – my personal choice Crafter which is yours?
13th Mar 2018 Shane

How to Choose an Acoustic Guitar…

Crafter Lite Acoustic Guitar

Well firstly, it’s not as easy as you might think. Personally I’ve had loads of acoustics over the years and I’ve never really been happy with any of them, until I found my ideal guitar which is a Classical Acoustic Crafter Lite-CE CD/N.

This guitar is perfect for me, the balance is spot on, the acoustic tone is amazing, it also has an excellent sound all round whether plugged into an amp with phase on to activate the equaliser or with phase off, which is generally how I like to play when plugged in, or as mentioned… Acoustically the sound you get from this guitar is soft, gentle and subtle while at the same time the tone brings any piece of music, classical, blues or rock or anything in between alive.

Yes this Crafter Guitar is most definitely a head turner, which I have found out on open mic nights, I have even had other musicians asking me what guitar is that it sounds amazing. On one occasion I even had the chef come out to watch as well as listen and was told later that he never usually leaves the kitchen. And most importantly when other bands have been on and no ones really taking any notice, then me and Shell start to play (there’s just us two of us, me on my Crafter acoustic and Shell singing), and everyone stops, looks and listens, with that silence of appreciation that means woah at last something different that you can enjoy without hurting your ears. I also find I need no pedals with this baby as the sound speaks for itself.

I can without hesitation or doubt say that I truly love this guitar, and it has taken me years to find the ideal acoustic for me, having gone through about 12 different acoustics over the years and found that I didn’t really like the sound of any of them. Generally I liked the look of my other acoustics (I’m naming no names here), although the sound never really made me feel an attachment to them, which I feel is important.

I have also found out through my quest to find an acoustic guitar that fits my style and the music I like to play, which by the way has spanned four plus decades, that I don’t really like the sound of steel string acoustics, they kinda hurt my teeth, which i think is why none of my previous acoustic guitars have lasted more than 6 months, maybe it’s because I started with a classical acoustic guitar as I was classically trained which subliminally my ears had become accustomed to without me realising, that said I have had other nylon string acoustic guitars and well, not one of them have lasted apart from my current Crafter. My previous acoustics though have all fallen by the wayside as I’ve found that I have either, given them away or chopped them in for another one, I’ve even wrapped a few around a wall or two, and have never truly been satisfied, until now that is…

However even though I have found the right acoustic for me, this may not be the right guitar for you. Luckily I came across an article, which was brought to my attention by Rob Beck, who writes for Beginner Guitar HQ and he has written a wonderfully in depth article on how to choose an acoustic guitar, so many thanks to Rob, I’m sure Robs article on choosing an acoustic guitar will help many guitarists and prevent them going through the pit falls that I myself had to go through to eventually find my ideal guitar.

You can find Rob’s article on Choosing an Acoustic Guitar here…

Choosing an Acoustic Guitar by Rob Beck

I wish you all the best with your search to find your ideal acoustic…

For those of you that would like more information on my personal acoustic guitar of choice, the Crafter Lite CE CD/N, then here are some of the features, and of course if you watch any of my tutorial or play through videos on my blog, you can hear what this beautiful guitar sounds like for your self. I would also recommend going to your local guitar shop and trying one out for yourself, of course this is true whilst choosing any guitar, you really need to get it in your hands and have a good play to get the feel and to see if it is the right guitar for you. On with the features…

Crafter LITE-CE CD/N Acoustic Classical Guitar

  • Classical

  • Solid Cedar Top

  • Mahogany Back and Sides

  • Mahogany Neck

  • Dovetail Neck Joint

  • Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge

  • Chrome Classic Tuners

  • CR-T NV (LCD Tuner) PreAmp with Cable Pick-up

  • Scale 647.7 ㎜ / 25.5 inches

  • D`Addario EXP-26 (.011 – .052)

  • Satin Finish

Crafter Lite Acoustic Guitar

For more information on Crafter guitars check out Crafter Guitars UK

Any questions, suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact me, my mail box is checked frequently.

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