Here you will find some FAQ’s for ScaleViz. If after reading these you still have something to ask, then you can ‘contact me directly‘ and I will help you out with an answer.

I will be adding more content here as I go through my emails, also if you have a question and would like to see it listed here, you know what to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the story behind ScaleViz?

    Ah ha, I’m glad you asked that, you can find the full story and how I came up with the idea for my App here

  • Are all versions of ScaleViz the same?

    They are almost identical, the iPhone and iPad versions play the selected shape when their push pin is tapped in one of the three main menus. The Apple TV version plays the ‘shapes sound’ in the Shape Trainer when the Play/Pause button is pressed on your Apple TV remote, and the Apple TV version does not currently display the selected shape as displayed on the iPhone and Universal Versions. As you can see from the screen shots below, the Apple TV version does not have the current selection, although you can clearly see which shape is highlighted by the paper clip.

    Apple TV, iPad and iPhone Main Menu differences.

    There is also some highlighting on the iPhone version to make the ‘notes display’ easier to read on smaller screens, this does not happen on the Apple TV version or the iPad version as there was no need. Also in the iPhone and iPad versions you can tap to access the different sections from the main menus, with the Apple TV version, you simply use the menu button on your Apple TV remote. The only changes between the versions all happen in the Main Menus, mainly due to not being able to tap your TV, other than that they are exactly the same and all contain the same information.

  • Why is ScaleViz listed twice on the Apple App Store?

    I wanted to give something back to all those who purchased the original version of ScaleViz, which was developed for the iPhone 4 back in 2011. So I added the tvOS version as a Universal Purchase to the original iPhone App Store Listing and also brought the iPhone version up to date.

    This way not only do loyal followers of ScaleViz get a completely redeveloped iPhone version, they also get the Apple TV version for free.

    Download ScaleViz for iPhone and Apple TV v4

    The other listing is for the universal version of ScaleViz and supports all iPhones and iPads, and is also there for purchasers who do not have an Apple TV v4, new purchasers, and of course anyone who wants to save hundreds of hours of guitar fretboard study.

    Download ScaleViz Universal for iPhone and iPad