Visual Guitar Fretboard Shape Trainer Universal now Available on the Apple App Store


ScaleViz shows you how to...

Advance your playing ability by viewing your fretboard in an entirely new way,
you will soon be navigating your guitar like you were born with a plectrum!

ScaleViz redeveloped for Apple TV!

ScaleViz Apple TV is ready for SALE!

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ScaleViz Visual Fretboard Guitar Shape Trainer

ScaleViz Guitar Shape Trainer now live on the Apple TV App Store... Learn

Major Minor Dominant Chords Scales Modes Arpeggios Pentatonics Octaves CAGED System and much more.

All visually via the Shape Trainers Virtual Fretboard

ScaleViz TV Guitar Fretboard Shape Trainer

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Download ScaleViz Guitar Fretboard Shape Trainer on the App Store


Navigate your fretboard like a pro.

Learn all Major, Minor and Dominant Shapes.

Instantly visualize Scales.

Master the Modes.

Apply Theory to Note Finding.

Nail the CAGED System.

Save hundreds of hours of study.

Take your playing to a whole new level.

Go from cowboy chords to soloing.


ScaleViz was designed to burn the Major, Minor and Dominant, Chord, Arpeggio, Pentatonic and Scale Modes into your mind, so that they become part of you, visualizing the various patterns will become second nature and in turn your brain will transfer the information to your fingers as muscle memory.

Modes x


Patterns x

Keys =


Turned into just



that’s just for the modes.

ScaleViz doesn’t just tell you, it shows you...

ScaleViz shows you how to apply music theory to your guitar fretboard VISUALLY! no music reading or previous knowledge of music theory required, ScaleViz has all the info you need to apply some basic logic to your fretboard, Saving you hundreds of hours of study.

Master the Modes, Nail the CAGED System, Always know which key a certain pattern is in and how to move it to a new key, learn to visualize Major, Minor and Dominant, arpeggios and chords, Pentatonic Scales and Modes, and much, much more…

The Theory section contains lots of hints and tips, in very easy to understand, byte sized segments, and because the information builds on what is learnt in the interactive section, †”learning is already accomplished”

†”The app is packed with information, making it one of the most in-depth guitar guides available for the iPhone.”

Quotes from ScaleViz appadvice review BY Luke Patrick.

Get ready to view your guitars neck in three dimensions...

All Major, Minor and Dominant Chord, Arpeggio, Pentatonic and Modal Shapes are super-imposed over each other allowing you a unique view of your guitars fretboard, this makes mastering your fretboard a breeze, because you don’t have to try and overlay patterns in your mind, ScaleViz does this for you, allowing you, to concentrate on remembering the shapes.

Easy navigation system for both iOS and Apple TV...

Simply choose your shape from one of the main menus, either Major, Minor or Dominant.

While in the main menus you can tap the push pins at the top of the shape and the notes information will update showing you…

Notes, Intervals, Degrees, Base Octave, Base Chord, Traditional Name and where applicable the Shapes Step formula.

To jump to the shape trainer simply tap the shapes post it / sticky note…

You will find your self in the shape trainer where you can tap left or right to choose from Octave, Chord, Arpeggio, Pentatonic and Modal Shapes.  Or you can tap the middle of your device to browse your selected shape along the virtual fretboard.

The Apple TV version works exactly the same although using your Apple TV Remote. Simply swipe your remote’s touch pad left, right, up or down to browse the shapes in the main menus and the shapes information will update automatically.

Press your remotes touch pad to be transported to the shape trainer.

Once in the shape trainer, simply press your remote touch pad to browse shapes along the virtual fretboard or swipe left and right to choose from Octave, Chord, Arpeggio, Pentatonic and Modal Shapes.


ScaleViz shows you visually how Fretboard mastery works, you will not even have to think to link the chords, arpeggios and scales together, you will see it happen right in front of your eyes simply by browsing the virtual guitar fretboard in the Shape Trainer.

ScaleViz gives discount for educational facilities and supports family sharing.

The Universal version is also now available…


Here are the modes written out in C, you will see visually how some of the more popular modes are created and in turn OWN! your fretboard.

All these charts are now available over at VIP

ScaleViz has been described as one of the most in-depth guitar guides available for the iPhone, and will save you hundreds, if not thousands of hours of study, guaranteed. Plus… ScaleViz is now available as a Universal version and also for Apple TV.
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Top Left – ScaleViz Welcome Screen (iOS/tvOS). Top Middle – Navigation and Theory Section (iOS/tvOS). Top Right – Quick Help for Main Menu’s. (iOS)
Bottom Left – Quick Help for Shape Trainer. (iOS) Bottom Middle – Top Shelf Image for Apple TV (tvOS). Bottom Right – Shape Trainer Navigation (iOS/tvOS).
Screenshots were captured directly from an iPad Air 2 – ScaleViz has been tested on iOS 10.2 and tvOS 9.2
The Apple TV Verion comes as a Universal Purchase with the iPhone version.

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Hey, not got an Apple TV yet we have you covered, you can grab the Universal version.

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All versions of ScaleViz have been re-developed from the ground up, so no matter which version you choose.
You will be mastering your fretboard like a pro in no time.


The shape trainer in ScaleViz shows you how the Major, Minor and Blues Major pentatonic scales fit together. How the relative Minor chords and the Major, Minor and Dominant arpeggios fit inside the Ionian, Mixolydian and Aeolian Scale Modes, which all wrap around the Pentatonics,  and how all of these sit on top of Octave patterns and the CAGED system. and best of all…

All of this will happen without you even realizing, as ScaleViz shows you how all this works VISUALLY!

You will also start to notice that whilst you are learning solos and riffs from your favorite songs you will start to recognize exactly what patterns are being used, enabling you to easily see what key you are in, leaving you to improvise freely knowing that you are comfortable with your fretboard because you will genuinely appreciate how all the chords, scales, arpeggios and modes work together collectively and in harmony with each other.

I’m sure you will have many light bulb moments as you start to truly understand how all the pentatonic scales, chord shapes, arpeggios and modal patterns fit together, creating a unique map of your fretboard.

Mastery of ScaleViz will give you the knowledge you need to master your fretboard, and immediately know which notes to use, you will learn the relationships between chords and see how they are built visually, how modes work, how Major, Minor and Dominant chords are related to each other and much, much more.

© copyright 2011-16 Shane Hogan.
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ScaleViz iPhone Version 2.0 fully updated is now live!

Available today on the Apple App Store...

Major changes include...
Completely redeveloped from the ground up
Simple Navigation with Taps & Swipes
Includes Sounds for All Shapes
Octaves are now included in Shape Trainer
Along with, Major, Minor & Dominant 7, chords, arpeggios, pentatonic's & modes.
Enjoy Family sharing & Educational Discounts
Comes with the ScaleViz Apple TV Version as a Universal Purchase!

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ScaleViz Universal Visual Guitar Shape Trainer v 1.1

Now available on the App Store...

Major changes include...
Complete Interface re-design
Easy to browse, simple to learn, no theory necessary,
Universal for all iOS devices
Now includes Octaves in Shape Trainer
as well as chords, arpeggios, pentatonic's & modes.
Enjoy Family sharing & Educational Discounts

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ScaleViz Now on Apple TV 1920 x 1080 Full Res v 1.2

Available on the Apple TV App Store...

Major changes include...
Completely Redeveloped and designed especially for Apple TV
Simple Navigation with your Apple TV Remote
Includes Sounds for All Shapes
Octaves are now included in Shape Trainer
Along with, Major, Minor & Dominant 7, chords, arpeggios, pentatonic's & modes.
Enjoy Family sharing & Educational Discounts
Comes with the ScaleViz iPhone version as a Universal Purchase!

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ScaleViz 1.3.1 Available for iOS versions below 9.2

Available on the Apple App Store...

Major changes include...
Shape Trainer Interface re-design
Left and right buttons re-coded,
So that as you browse shapes up and down the fretboard
ScaleViz stays on either chord, arpeggio, pentatonic or modal.
Feature requested by one of our customers
ScaleViz Shape Trainer now includes a Metronome...

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Registry of Guitar Tutors

Teachers Diploma Scales, Modes, Chords & Arpeggios...

Fancy seeing what’s involved in the practical section
(Part 1) of the Registry of Guitar Tutors Teachers Diploma?
Then head over to V.I.P & check out my latest post...

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ScaleViz USA Appstore Review

Just what I was looking for!!!...

This is the best app To learn the caged system
to really apply it on the guitar.

by Jimborata - Version 1.3.1 - Oct 3, 2013

Nice one Jimborata & thanks for the 5 stars 🙂

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ScaleViz Facebook Review

Your app is FANTASTIC!!!

Thank you so much for creating and sharing it.
by Mark Ellis - Jun 02, 2013

Hello Mark, glad you like the App and thanks so much
for letting me know, most appreciated 😉

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ScaleViz UK Appstore Review


Really amazing app for learning guitar
helped me loads. Highly recommend
by Prawniecracker - Version 1.3.1 - May 20, 2013

Good to hear, thanks for the feedback & the 5 Stars.

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ScaleViz Facebook Review

Hey now! Really like this app.

I'm a guitar teacher that might want to turn
my students on to this

Steve Comeau - Mar 31, 2013

Hi Steve thats awesome, thank you for your comment
and glad you like the app 🙂

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ScaleViz USA Appstore Review

Exactly what I was looking for . . .

Complimentary to Guitarist's Guide to Scales Over Chords,
builds on theory. Looks like this will really solidify this knowledge.
Well made app!

by RusG - Version 1.3.1 - Jun 17, 2012

Another 5 Star Review, Many thanks RusG 🙂

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The Birth of ScaleViz

I hope this provides inspiration to anyone out there who has a good idea, never give up, the answer will eventually come to you, read how I worked out how all the patterns fitted together neatly into one big jigsaw puzzle and how all along the answer was staring me right in the face...

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ScaleViz USA Appstore Review


Probably the best app that I have
you can really learn from this and it is a fine reference.
by Emp452 - Version 1.3.1 - Jun 16, 2012

Wow!, Thank you for the review, Emp452 🙂

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FREE Blank Music Sheets

Grab your free blank music sheets.

Need to write down that riff you just came up with, no worries, you can choose from Staves, Tab, Stave & Tab, 5 x 4 x 7 & 4 x 6 x 6 Chord Grids and Full fretboard Grids with 21 Frets and left handed versions of the last three plus a Standard Universal Blank Chord Chart 5x4x5.....

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ScaleViz USA Appstore Review


Universal for iPad would be even better 😉
Five Stars
by dadateyont - Version 1.3.1 - Feb 27, 2012

Thanks for the review Dadateyont, it's nice to be appreciated.

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Modal Practice

Modal practice and Metronome function...

Here’s a cool way to practice the modes and get the different sounds into your ears, includes FREE Backing tracks, Demo Tracks and Tab Availablie for direct Download or listen on line....

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Belgium App Store Review

Five Stars.

Best app i've got for guitar essential theoretics.
A print all button is the only option missing 😉 - Five Stars
by JohanDP... - Version 1.3 - Dec 16, 2011

Another five star review, Thanks JohanDP.

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ScaleViz USA Appstore Review

A great way to jump from playing cowboy chords to soloing - 5 Stars.

The theory shown in this app makes it easy
to find your way around the fretboard.
Recommended for any guitarist looking to
start jumping beyond the first three frets.
by Karmicfreak - Version 1.3 - Dec 4, 2011

Thanks Karmicfreak, most appreciated.

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FREE Music Theory Paper

This paper contains excerpts from the book Scale Visualisation and Application.

Seven scales with Sharps, seven scales with Flats, and one scale with neither makes fifteen Major Scales, however it is important to note that three of them are enharmonic which is why there are only 12 notes in the musical alphabet (the chromatic scale).....

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ScaleViz UK Appstore Review

Great music theory guitar app - 5 Stars.

All round this app is really really helpful
if you want to learn the building blocks of
guitar chord and mode creation although
it can get you started straight away if you want.
by mrbatch - Version 1.3 - Nov 19, 2011

Thanks mrbatch, most appreciated.

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ScaleViz Review

ScaleViz Is One Massive Guitar Resource For The iPhone

...offering chord charts, lessons on theory,
and more scales than you can shake a guitar neck at.
by Luke Patrick on Sat September 03rd, 2011

Nice one Luke, tap read more to see the full review over at

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First App Store Review (v1.0)


This is a great app to help you understand theory.
I've read many books and this app clearly explains
how to apply it to guitar. Lots of information! Great job!!
by Tml71

Thanks Tml71, most appreciated.

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